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U.S. Debt in 2020

U.S. Debt in 2020:

U.S. Debt in 2020

Posted By:, June 16, 2020


In 2020 the United States will see 4 Coronavirus stimulus packages. $2.4 trillion in Federal Reserve stimulus which will add to the current 25 trillion dollar debt! Billions have been spent to rescue small businesses and to bail out major industries as well as boosting record unemployment assistance.

The close to 30 Trillion U.S. debt is larger than the economies of all but 6 other nations.


investing during a Pandemic

The only Federal Reserve response to this near Financial catastrophe has been to print U.S. dollars and inject it into the Commercial Banking system. Emergency measures like this were deemed the only way for the U.S. economy to right itself and, to a degree, it has worked!

The massive stimulus package will no doubt lead to an overheated financial bubble fueled by too much easy money in the system, a bubble that could burst and cause another painful fallout. Creating too much money that chases too few goods is a recipe for price inflation and a corresponding decrease in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar or make it difficult to track record stock market returns.


All of these factors will continue to exacerbate Stock Market volatility, and as we all know, Investors are keenly focused on avoiding Stock Market volatility at all costs. During 2020 and beyond, Bear Market Financial Advice will not be in short supply. Everyone will have an opinion! Stock Diversification is the option most agree is necessary to deal with the looming threat from Volatility and Risk! During the 2007 – 8 Financial crisis, many Investors chose Hard Asset Diversification into Natural Colored Diamonds, Vintage Watches and Signature jewelry to fill up to 25% of their Financial Diversification tool box. So how did that Portfolio Diversification work out?

Here is a summary of a decade of returns achieved by Investors who diversified into hard assets during the 2007-8 financial crisis. These returns have held up nicely the current Pandemic crisis. Many investors have come to think of assets as Recession Proof Stocks that offer Track Record Stock Market Returns second to none!


Natural Colored Diamonds, Gemstones and Vintage Watches have become a diversification tool used by astute investors in combination with the best Blue Chip Stocks and the best Dividend Stocks to achieve real Portfolio Protection. With the ongoing threat to financial privacy occurring in the United States and worldwide, hard assets also neutralize the Threat to Financial Privacy because they are a non reporting Wealth Accumulation vehicle (Private Property). There is no obligation to disclose ownership!



The annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is arranged for a photograph at the Argyle diamond mine

Since it opened in 1983, the ARGYLE mine has produced more than 865 million carats of rough diamonds at all ends of the price spectrum. Now it’s down to the last 150 carats of polished pink diamonds. The Argyle closing is expected to bring renewed attention to pink diamonds at auction as buyers snap up what’s left of a limited supply.

“These are collectibles, and there is the investment value to consider, “says one important dealer.  “Especially in Australia, they have pink diamonds in people’s portfolios for their retirement funds.”

With benefits of ownership that include ultimate Privacy history of double digit yearly increases, this unique Wealth Accumulation vehicle is an opportunity that will not last long!

According to Rebecca Foerster, president for North America at Alrosa PJSC, the prices for pink diamonds have risen 300 per cent in the past decade.

“Since there are no other major sources of pink diamonds, we can expect that after the closure of the Argyle mine, the market will face a shortage of pink diamonds supply going forward”, she says.

Rio Tinto’s own data show that the prices for their Argyle pink diamonds have risen 500 percent since 2000, though it won’t reveal the specific amount bidders have paid at any of its tenders.



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We offer access to top quality Hard Assets that provide Growth, Stability and Liquidity to any Investment Portfolio with the added benefit of complete Privacy of Ownership. There are no Personal or Government reporting requirements!

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