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Investing During A Pandemic

Investing During A Pandemic:

Investing During A Pandemic

Posted By:, April 30, 2020

All Investors know that Bear Markets have a way of destroying Stock Market Wealth and the comparison between threat from volatility and risk sets in. If you can view corrections as natural at worst and an opportunity at best, you will be in a position to profit from other peoples’ panic.

Although the media overhypes 10 – 20% market losses as the “end of the Financial World” as we know it, major corrections have now become quite regular! But they have not negated the ability of Markets to compound wealth over a long period of time.

Investors should have a healthy respect for Bear Markets and one of the safest ways of adjusting to this reality is to review your Asset Base with an aim towards Financial Diversification and Portfolio Protection! By not putting your “financial eggs” into one basket, you can mitigate the damage from volatility.

So where to Diversify when Investors have become addicted to double digit returns in spite of the threat from volatility and risk and moreover investing during a pandemic?

The answer is, you do not have to give up potential double digit appreciation and you can control the causes of volatility and speculation by expanding into Assets that possess historical qualities that the Stock Market does not! Recession Proof Stocks –Gold as an Investment used to be a Hard Asset commodity that acted as a safeguard in times of market negativity.

Unfortunately, speculation – one of the main causes of volatility, is alive and well in the Gold Market! Just as with stocks, you can buy Gold on margin now all but erasing Gold’s position as a safe haven in troubled times. Imagine your broker called you (an oxymoron in itself!) and told you about an investment that has increased in value by double digits like clockwork for more than 30 years; had not had a single downturn during that period, in spite of 3 recessions and two near depressions AND legally provided you with Complete Investment Privacy of ownership!

I’m guessing you would be very interested in that conversation, right?

That is the exact track record of some Investment Quality Hard Assets like Vintage Watches, Natural Colored Diamonds, Untreated Colored Gemstones and Signature Jewelry pieces! For decades now they have been the best place to invest for many! And they possess the liquidity expected of a multi-billion dollar International Market.

In short an Asset class that combines the Best of Blue Chip Stocks, the Best Dividend Stocks and the Best Recession Proof Stocks all rolled into one!

Phoenix Asset Consortium has more than 40 years collective hands on experience in the Purchase, Sale and Management of Hard Assets for Wealth Accumulation.

We sell Hard Assets that can be purchased for under $10,000 or for a King’s ransom! We also offer guidance on how to go about recession proof stocks and issue new insights on avoiding stock market volatility. An account position can be opened for as little as $5,000.

Here is a summary of the ten year gains made by individuals who purchased specific Hard Assets after the 2008 Market Crash!

investing during the pandemic

And those that did not Diversify? They are 10 years older looking for a solution to a problem!

To investigate whether Hard Assets belong in your Asset Accumulation strategy, simply click on “ABOUT US”. There is no replacement for Due Diligence and the serious Investor will always investigate any opportunity to generate wealth safely.

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