About Us

Who We Are

Phoenix Asset Consortium Ltd., is a full-service Dealer in Hard Assets and Vintage Collectibles with an International Presence.

We have over 40 years cumulative experience dealing with Natural Colored Diamonds, World Class Gemstones, Vintage Watches and Vintage Signature Jewelry.

Our North American Headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, a major Commodity Distribution Centre for Hard Assets in North America. We also have affiliate offices in Europe and many Major Diamond Bourses to service clients in Europe and Asia.

As full-service advisors, Phoenix Asset Consortium Ltd., provides clients direct access to top Investment Grade Colored Diamonds, Natural Gemstones, Vintage Watches and Signature Jewelry pieces to augment their Financial portfolio with emphasis on Wealth Accumulation, Safety of Capital and Liquidity. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure their hard earned wealth is positioned correctly in the best available Hard Assets. We offer Quality, Unparalleled Industry Expertise and Professional Service.

All clients, no matter the size, are treated with respect, confidentiality and on a level playing field. Every client has a dedicated Account Manager with access to the tools and information needed to assess the fast moving economic climate and provide the down to earth, long term thinking that is the key to success!


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With money moving around the globe in greater volume – and at a greater speed – than before, governments are working hard to keep track.
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