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A Guide For Investment Privacy and Insider Reviews

In today’s business environment, it seems that financial success is more reliant on computerized trading with algorithms. Electronic proximity to a Stock Exchange platform to get that millisecond trading advantage has replaced common sense, Research, Analysis and Customer Service! We think that philosophy may work just fine for Financial Houses, but it is a disservice to today’s long term investor and proves to be a threat to financial privacy.

Inflation has now reared its ugly head and will affect interest rates and the ability of Governments and Companies to manage debt. The stock market has created wealth for many, but unprecedented stock market volatility and speculation has also created an environment where 500-1000 point swings in the market have become far too common! And with $30 trillion in Toxic Debt in the economy, we now double the $15 trillion that threatened the world’s Financial Markets in 2007/08! It is hard to imagine a time when financial uncertainty for investment income has been higher! For a disciplined investor, you ought to select the best hard assets to invest in diligently.

In 2018, The Common Reporting Standard was implemented by the world’s 100 largest OECD economies, sharing tax data on investor bank accounts. This year the OECD has moved beyond shared taxation information to the disclosure of beneficial ownership of Foreign and Domestic Family Trusts, creating a Registry of Worldwide Property Ownership and identifying the Beneficial Ownership of International Companies. In summary, the world’s governments appear to be dedicated to tracking individual wealth worldwide, i.e. threat to financial privacy and investment privacy! With Personal Investment Privacy under increasing assault and a potentially significant market correction on the horizon, now may be time to consider adding the financial benefits and safety offered by Hard Asset ownership as a diversification vehicle to strengthen your Wealth Accumulation Portfolio.

For more than 2 decades, the best hard assets to invest in such as, Natural Colored Diamonds, Gemstones and Luxury Watches have quietly, consistently outperformed Gold, Silver and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They are proven resistant to volatility and possess the liquidity expected from a multi-billion dollar worldwide market. As non registered assets, ownership is completely private! No mandatory governmental disclosure is required! This undoubtedly minimizes the threat to financial privacy that the world’s wealthy population is trying to escape. Find out more from Porter Stansberry research and total wealth insider reviews.


Patek Phillip watch sold for $11 million at Phillips Auction House


Pink Star Colored Diamond Sold in Hong Kong for $71.2 million


Iconic platinum, colored stone and enamel tutti frutti bracelet by Cartier, New York c. 1928 sold for $2,165,000 in 2014

Here are some other high sellers:

$2,165,000* Evelyn Lauder’s tutti frutti diamond, enamel, carved emerald and ruby bracelet by Cartier, circa 1928, sold in 2014 (pictured)

$1,445.000 A carved colored-stone, diamond and pearl tutti frutti bracelet by Cartier, circa 1930, featuring rubies and emeralds, sold in 2013.

$70,000 In 2007, a colored-stone and diamond brooch with carved sapphire, ruby and emerald leaves by Cartier, Paris, circa 1920, sold for more that four times its high estimate. It formerly belonged to actress Mary Pickford.

*All prices include buyer’s premium.

Open Account – $10,000 Minimum

At Phoenix Asset Consortium Ltd., an account can be opened for as little as $10,000.00. To get the facts on Best Hard Assets to Invest In for Estate Planning, Investment Privacy, Wealth Protection and Asset Accumulation purposes, email us at info@phoenixassetconsortium.com or call us at 416-679-0580.

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Luxury Watches

Buying a luxury watch can be a big decision. Look for the firms that have a fortified grip on production, distribution and value. Those firms include ROLEX, PATEK PHILIPPE, AUDEMAR PIGUET and RICHARD MILLE.
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Exit Strategies for Clients Involved in Hard Asset Investing.

Colored Diamonds / Gemstones / Watches / Jewelry

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